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Jonathan Leeman serves as the editorial director of 9Marks and the 9Marks Journal. He is the author of a number of books such as Church Membership: How the World Knows Who Represents Jesus, How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics for a Divided Age, and The Rule of Love: How the Local Church Should Reflect God’s Love and Authority. Jonathan, his wife and their four daughters live in Washington, DC where he serves as an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church. He teaches for a number of seminaries, including The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Reformed Theological Seminary. Jonathan last joined the Shepherds 360 conference in 2019, addressing the theme of Communicating Truth.

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How the Ordinances Preach or Undermine Our Preaching

Nov 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Jonathan Leeman

I had the opportunity to speak at the 2019 Shepherds 360 Conference on Communicating Truth (Oct 21-23, 2019), and my lesson was on how the ordinances either confirm or else undermine our preaching. Here are some of the highlights from the message I presented. (The full sermon can be viewed here)

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