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General Sessions

Costi W. Hinn - Faithful Shepherds in a Frantic World

Albert Mohler - Communicating the Truth of the Gospel

Stephen Davey - Communicating Truth Faithfully

Jonathan Leeman - How the Ordinances Preach or Undermine Our Preaching

David Fletcher - Predators in the Church: It's True! What You Need to Know and Do

Erwin Lutzer - Preaching Truth While Exposing Error

Alex Strauch - The Egalitarian Tsunami Facing Our Evangelical Churches

Jared C. Wilson - Three Unchanging Truths for a 'Post-Truth' World

Heath Lambert  - The Living, Active, Sharp, and Exposing Word of God

Bruce Ware - Dependence on the Spirit for Knowing and Communicating Truth from God

David Gibbs III - Truth Matters

Thom S. Rainer - Communicating Truth About the Need for Church Revitalization

Juan Sanchez - Communicating Truth in Love

Panel Discussion 



Preaching-teaching-1 PREACHING & TEACHING

Sam Harbin - Sermons That Engage: Connecting with Your Listeners

Costi Hinn - Protecting Your Church from the Prosperity Gospel

Jared Wilson - Lessons from Isaiah 40 on the Minister's Justification

Eric Bargerhuff - Communicate TRUTHFULLY!: The Most Misused Bible Verses

Hal Hays - Teaching Laymen How to Study God's Word and Prepare a (Mini) Sermon

Josh Wredberg - Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

Erwin Lutzer - Preaching Made Simpler: How to Prepare Messages that Have Unity, Order and Progress

Bob Whitney - Consider the Cost in Communicating Truth

Richard Bargas - Rethinking the Idea of "Anointed Preaching"

Doug Bookman - Preaching the Life of Christ

Jeff DePue - Teaching Isaiah in Your Local Church: Accurately Explaining and Effectively Communicating Isaiah

Sam Harbin - Sermons That Disengage: Leaving Your Listeners Cold

Hal Hays - Communicating Complex Theological Truth Clearly Without the Christianese, the Cliches, or the Confusion




Larry Pettegrew - Getting Prophecy Right: Gog from Magog

Alex Strauch - Understanding the Full Great Commission and It's Application to the Local Church (Pts. I and II)

Peter Goeman - Communicating the Truth About Transgenderism

Erwin Lutzer - Five Ways the Radical Left Seeks to Destroy America And How We Must Prepare for the Growing Darkness

Bruce Ware - Biblical Compatibilism: How God's Sovereignty and Our Free Will and Responsible Choices Work Together




Bob Bixby - Pastoral Loneliness in a Hyper-Connected World

Heath Lambert - Essential Truths from Matthew 4:1-11

James Banks - Encouragement While You Wait for Your Prodigal

Gary Hallquist - Honest Truth: 90% of Us at This Conference May Not Make It To the End! The Challenges of Ministry




David Fletcher - Smart Money for Church Salaries

Joe Sangl - What No One Honestly Tells You About Church Stewardship

Dan Campbell & Ian Ferguson - The Truth About Your Church's Financial Health: What Questions Should Your Church Leadership Be Asking Your Finance Team?

Mark Ashcraft & Bruce Woody - What Do Your Facilities Communicate?

Les Lofquist - The Truth of the Matter–Not Everyone Pastors a Mega-Church: Solo-Leadership Principles




Thom Rainer - 7 Truths Every Church Leader Should Know to Reach the Church's Community

Al Potter - Does Your City, Town, Community Even Know You Exist? Strategic Ideas on How to Communicate to Your Community

Ken Temple - Reaching Muslims with the Truth




Lucy Burggraff - Teaching the Teacher: Practical Methods for Communicating Truth

Elaine Harbin - Thinking Right-Side Up When Your World Is Upside Down

Rebecca Lutzer - The Urgent Need for Discernment in Our Confused Culture

Miriam Lofquist - Your Smartphone & Your Soul

Ladies Panel - The Paramount Need of Speaking Truth to Yourself




Nathan Burggraff - "I Wanna Talk About Me!" Is That What We Are Communicating through Our Congregational Music Today?

Joshua Waggener - Is Your Worship True or False? The Meaning and Importance of "Worship in Spirit and Truth"




Paul Newby - Discerning Truth in the Political World

David Gibbs III - Are Your Words Your Words? Communicating Truth Accurately and Avoiding Accusations of Plagiarism

David Gibbs III - How Not to be "You Too?!" in a #METOO World


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