Get access to the audio and video from previous Shepherds 360 Conferences below. 


2019: Communicating Truth

Communicating Truth is much more than a conference's our mandate. The Church––and the Church Leader––has been given a textually directed mandate to preach and teach and uphold the very Word of God (2 Timothy 4:1-2).

We're not just preaching about the Word of God––we're actually commanded to deliver the words of God. Words matter. The words are God-breathed. The words are life and breath to the individual Christian and the local church.

The 2019 conference speakers include: Erwin Lutzer, Albert Mohler, Stephen Davey, Costi Hinn, Jared Wilson, Bruce Ware, Heath Lambert, Alex Strauch, and many more.



2018: Doing Church

Doing Church, our theme for this year's conference, is intended to blow the dust off the Divine blueprints for the church...measuring what we do against the plumb line of Scripture. This is done with the help of practical workshops and uplifting general sessions where seasoned church leaders serve as architects, overseeing the master plan for the church.

The 2018 conference speakers and sessions include: H.B. Charles Jr., Rick Holland, Erwin Lutzer, Stephen Davey, Robert Smith Jr. and many more.



2017: 500 Years of Reformation

The Reformation truths matter today more than ever. In fact, every generation needs to learn and embrace the great doctrines of the Reformation, clearly delivered by God through His Word. They continue to serve as a foundation of the gospel and the confidence of our eternal future. We must prevent them from being plunged into darkness again.

The 2017 conference speakers and sessions include: Paul David Tripp, Al Mohler, Stephen Davey, Stephen Nichols, Erwin Lutzer, and many more.



2016: Ministering to the Family

The enemy of the gospel is at work. He wants to destroy the image of God and His male-female capstone of creation. He longs to tarnish and even outright destroy the glorious creation of God in human beings and will step over whatever gets in his way to get there, including the family as God created it. But God is still on the throne and He is still in complete control, and it is our distinct privilege to be His ambassadors. 

The 2016 conference speakers and sessions include: Mark Bailey, Dan Forest, David Gibbs, Paul Newby, Andreas Kostenberger, Bruce Ware, Stephen Davey, Erwin Lutzer, and many more.



2015: The 21st Century Church

How can the church ensure that it is prepared for the challenges of the 21st century? This year features plenary sessions and workshops that expound the truth of God's Word in a way that enables us to clarify our mission as biblically true leaders. Our alignment with the plumb line of scripture is critically needed at this moment in church history.

The 2015 conference speakers and sessions include: Paul David Tripp, Erwin Lutzer, Bruce Ware, Darrell Bock, Wayne Grudem, Robert Smith Jr., David Gibbs III, and many more.



2014: Christ and (our changing) Culture

This is the inaugural Shepherds 360 conference, bringing together church leaders to explore what it means as pastors and church leaders to seriously and faithfully engage the culture.

The 2014 conference speakers and sessions include: Al Mohler, Erwin Lutzer, Stephen Davey, Gene Getz, Greg Gilbert, Rick Holland and Stephen Goodspeed.