Christian Ethics 2022

The 10 Commandments in the Church Age: Continuity and Discontinuity

Using the Mosaic Law in Ethics

What Does the Bible Teach About Gender Identity?

Biblical Grounds for Divorce: Why I Believe There Are More Than Two

Immigration: The Silent, Conflicted Voices

Ministering in the Age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.: Helps for Shepherding God’s Flock under the Influence of Algorithms

The Need for Biblical Counseling, pt.2

Johannine Ethics: Learning from a Unique Approach

Purposeful, Meaningful Work: It’s Different from What Many Believe Today

Politics: A Clash of Ethics

The Ethics of Esther

Our Theology of Work & Vocation: What God Has to Say About It

An Essential of Gospel Preaching: The Ethical Responsibility to Practice Church Discipline

Babies Are Not Lab Rats: Science and Ethics of Human Embryo Experimentation and Fetal Tissue

The Medical Marijuana Myth

Christians in the Public Square

50 Million Children in Our Public Schools: Our Role as Parents, Christians, Churches

Just War, Pacifism, and Positions in Between: Some Christian Reflections

Death by Uncertainty: Faulty Prenatal Screens, Discrimination Abortion, and Designer Babies

Building Gender-Distinctive, Resilient Homes

Lessons Learned from Marijuana Legalization

Current Leaders: Heroes or Villains?

Unshaken: The Practice and Promise of Integrity through Unsettling Times

The Law of Christ: Developing a Debated Term

3 Keys to Keep Your Church Out of Court

The Need for Biblical Counseling

C.S. Lewis and the Experience of War

How Did We Get Here? Christianity and Gender Identity

Helps to Prevent Us from Getting Too Close to the Line: How to Avoid Any P-word (Plagiarism) Charge in our Preaching or Publishing

Genome Engineering: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Law, Law Enforcement, and Lawlessness: Defunding the Police and Weaponizing the DOJ/FBI

Immigration: A Complicated Debate for Christians as the Rhetoric Rages

Politics, the Preacher, and the Pulpit

The Sermon on the Mount: Applying Jesus’ Own Teaching

Domestic Abuse: Responding Biblically and Lovingly as a Church

God Has Not Given Up on the United States of America

The Ethical Issues That Should Be in Your Church Bylaws

Civil Disobedience, Where Is the Line? Church and Government in Tension

The Modern Battleground of Ethics: The Brave New World of Public Education

Proper Hermeneutics: The Foundation of Your Ethics

Ethics of Leadership: What’s Missing in Today’s Public Square?

The Principles and Practice of Pastoral Ethics

Christian Perspective on War, Peace, and Self Defense

Virtual Church Ethics: Biblical Principles in a Metaverse Age

Truth-Telling, Lying, Deception: Is a Christian Always Obligated to Tell the Truth?

Safeguarding Your Integrity: Ethical Use of Pastoral Power & Authority

Jesus’ Approach to Ethical Dilemmas in Matthew 12: Graded Absolutism

Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Other Such Contemporary Challenges

When Darkness is Called Light and Light is Called Darkness

The Biblical Blueprint for Grace Relations

Contending for the Faith Today - Lessons in Jude

The Foundation of Christian Ethics

Is God a Moral Monster?

Ultimate Choices - Death and End-of-Life Decisions

Ministry Above Reproach

Ethics of the Heart - Watch Yourself!

Christian Witness in a Secular Age

Principles for Making Wise Ethical Decisions

The Blessings of Obedience in an Ethical Christian Life

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