Christian Ethics 2022

Helps to Prevent Us from Getting Too Close to the Line: How to Avoid Any P-word (Plagiarism) Charge in our Preaching or Publishing

May 16, 2023 11:36:21 AM / by Jared C. Wilson

This workshop session was presented on October 17, 2022 at the Shepherds 360 Church Leaders Conference in Cary, NC. For more information, visit



Topics: Christian Ethics, Ethics in Christian Ministry

Jared C. Wilson

Written by Jared C. Wilson

Jared C. Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Managing Editor of For The Church (and host of the FTC Podcast), and Director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. Jared will be one of the featured speakers at the 2021 Shepherds 360 Conference.

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