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Navigating the Moral Maze: Is Misinformation Ever Permissible?

Sep 11, 2023 10:48:34 AM / by Dave Burggraff posted in Christian Ethics

Is it ever morally right to tell someone something that is not the truth? Is it ever right to give misinformation? These questions arise when considering the biblical commandments against lying and deception (Ps. 34:13119:163Prov 12:22Mk 7:22Eph 4:22Col 3:91 Pet 3:10), juxtaposed with certain instances where deceptive strategies were employed (Josh 8:26Ex 3:8181 Sam 16:2). To arrive at a conclusion that aligns with the entirety of Scripture, we must delve into the complexities of lying, deception, and dishonesty. In this brief article, we will explore various scenarios, biblical principles, and ethical considerations to shed light on the moral obligations we have in matters of communication.

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