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Alexander Strauch was raised in New Jersey and converted to Christ at a Bible camp in New York State. He received his undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University and went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity degree from Denver Seminary. For over forty years he served as an elder at Littleton Bible Chapel near Denver, Colorado. Additionally, he has taught philosophy and New Testament literature at Colorado Christian University. A gifted Bible teacher and popular speaker, Mr. Strauch has helped thousands of churches worldwide through his expository writing and teaching ministry.

He is the author of Biblical Eldership, Men and Women: Equal Yet Different, The Hospitality Commands, Agape Leadership (with Robert L. Peterson), Meetings That Work, Leading with Love, Love or Die: Christ’s Wake-up Call to the Church, If You Bite and Devour One Another, and Paul’s Vision for the Deacons. Much of Mr. Strauch’s teaching is now available online through Biblical Eldership Resources ( and its online training program, School of the Shepherds.

Mr. Strauch and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Littleton, Colorado, near their four adult daughters and eleven grandchildren.