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General Sessions

Mark Bailey – General Session 1 

Alex Strauch – General Session 2

Stephen Davey – General Session 3

Gavin Peacock – General Session 4

Jared Wilson – General Session 5

Scott Rae – General Session 6

Mark Farnham – General Session 7

Paul Copan – General Session 8

Nicolas Ellen – General Session 9

Denny Burk – General Session 10

Peter Goeman – General Session 11

Michael Vlach – General Session 12

Erwin Lutzer – General Session 13



Nicolas Ellen – Mental Illness from a Biblical Worldview

Denny Burk - What Is Racism? What the Bible Says vs. World Ideologies

Wayne Grudem – Why and How Christians Should Influence Government for Good

Beth Sullivan – Recent Advances in Genetic Engineering

Russ White – Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Ingrid Skop – What the FDA and Media Don't Want You to Know About the Abortion Pill

Gavin Peacock – What Jesus Says About Manhood, Womanhood, and Marriage

Jared Wilson – Plagiarism in the Age of A.I.

And Many More!


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