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General Sessions

Mark Bailey

Dan Forest, David Gibbs, Paul Newby

Andreas Kostenberger

Bruce Ware

Frank Turek

Robert Smith Jr.

Abe Kuruvilla

Erwin Lutzer

Stephen Davey 



Carey Hardy & Josh Wredberg - The Critical Elements of an Expository Sermon – and Some Do’s and Don’ts

Erwin Lutzer - Fighting for the Family: How Much of Hollywood Can We Allow into Our Homes?

Joel Kramer - The Reluctant Prophet Balaam Again Speaks the Truth in Spite of Himself

Andreas Kostenberger - Qualifications for Church Leaders Related to Marriage and Family

Daniel Henderson - How to Experience and Lead Life Giving Prayer Times

James Darnell - Discipling the Family in a Post-Christian America

Les Lofquist - Thinking “Right-Size”: Effective Family Ministry for Smaller Churches

Joel Kramer - Re-visiting Mamre – Where Once the Angel of the Lord Visited Abraham

Bruce Ware - Teaching Children to Know and Love God by Knowing and Loving Theology

Erwin Lutzer - Fighting for the Family: The Power of Prayer

Carey Hardy & Wayne Knowles - The Shifting Paradigm in Biblical Church Leadership: From “Pastor-Deacons Only” Church Leadership to “Pastor(s)-Elders-Deacons” Church Leadership

Joel Kramer - The Great Isaiah Scroll: How to Know if Your God is Real

Andreas Kostenberger - Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature & Theology

Les Lofquist - Handling Criticism in a Godly Way

Mark Farnham - Inside the Hearts and Minds of Millennials: Leading Them from Skeptical Consumers to True Believers

Paul Seger - Global Trends in Missions Today . . . And Why Some Things Need to Change

Robert Smith Jr. - Racial Tension & Reconciliation: Is the Anger Felt in Our Society Affecting Our Church Family? What Must We Do as Biblical Church Leaders?

Abe Kuruvilla - Celibacy and the Church: a Q&A Session

Ben La Corte - Can We Trust the New Testament Scriptures




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