Rob Styler


A good story can change us.

The “greatest story ever told” can transform us.

This is the goal of Rob Styler- Bringing the transforming power of the Bible to life through stories. Rob is the founder of 2nd Adam, the drama ministry of CJF Ministries.

Rob is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a Jewish and Modern Israel Studies Major. He is ordained by Associated Gospel Churches and served as a street evangelist and pastor in both New York City and Toronto. His current position is CJFM Director of Missions.

As leader of a diverse messianic congregation, Rob was prompted to investigate different teaching methods: “It was while I was doing this that I made an important discovery: Jesus taught mainly through stories. The stories of Jesus spoke to his friends and his enemies alike, to those who believed and those who did not, to the rich and poor, young and old—in other words, everyone. This was the answer I was looking for.”

Storytelling evolved into first-person narratives and thus 2nd Adam was born. Rob attended the Storyteller’s School in Toronto, studied drama at the University of Toronto, and taken classes at HB Studio in New York City.

To be biblically and historically accurate, Rob thoroughly researches his characters. His desire is “to help my audience relate to, and better understand the Bible and its Author.” The motto of 2nd Adam is “Teaching the Bible, One story at a time.”

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