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General Sessions

Paul David Tripp

Erwin Lutzer

Bruce Ware

Darrell Bock

Wayne Grudem

Robert Smith Jr.

David Gibbs III

Dan Busby

Abre Kuruvilla

Panel Discussion: Lutzer, Lofquist, Hegg, Busby, Akin, Gibbs

Stephen Davey 



Bruce Ware - Biblical Roles of Men and Women Today – Contrasting the Egalitarian and Complementarian Positions

Paul David Tripp - A Dangerous Calling: The Danger of Arrival

Joel Kramer - The Reluctant Prophet Balaam Again Speaks the Truth in Spite of Himself

Carey Hardy - Keys to Preaching with Clarity: The Critical Elements of an Effective Sermon – and Some Do’s and Don’ts

Mel Winstead - Helping Your Flock Through The Bible Version Maze – Print and Digital

Larry Pettegrew - What Makes Us Unique in This Multi-Cultural, Multi-Religious Era?

David Gibbs III - Are Your Church’s Constitution & Bylaws Ready for the 21st Century?

David Deuel - Talking through Our Suffering: How Our Pain Can Turn to Praise

Dan Busby - Five Ways a Church Can Increase Trust with Wise Governance

Stephen Davey & David Gibbs III - How Can We Practice True Biblical Church Discipline Today?

Les Lofquist - Is God Disappointed with Small Town Churches

Tom Zempel - Oneness, More Than Sex – Doing Marriage God’s Way in the 21st Century

Mark Farnham - Apologetics: The Critical Element in a Bold and Advancing Church

Erwin Lutzer - Islam & Jesus and the Coming Conflict

Katie McCoy - Discovering the Church’s Responsibility to Women

Wayne Grudem - The Biblical Case for Pastors Addressing Political Policy Issues

David Hegg - The Shifting Paradigm in Biblical Church Leadership: From Pastor-Deacon Church Leadership to Pastor-Elder-Deacon Church Leadership–Why?

Carey Hardy - Life and Ministry in a Small to Medium-Sized Church – The Joys and Challenges

Sean Martin - The Biblical Mandate to End Abortion

David Gibbs III - How Best to Keep Your Church Safe and Secure from Violence, Attacks, Predators, and Other Threats

David Deuel - Come to the Banquet: Jesus’ Disability Mission and Ours

Rebecca Lutzer - How to Survive and Thrive Where God Has Planted You

Abe Kuruvilla - David vs. Goliath: What is the Author Doing with What He is Saying?

Gary Hallquist - The Worship Wars Are Over! Is It Time for Post-War Reconstruction?

Robert Smith - Are We Any Closer to Racial Reconciliation? What’s Our Responsibility as Biblical Church Leaders?

David Gibbs III - Is Your Church Ready for the Assault of the LGBTQ Revolution?

Dan Busby - Update on Charitable Giving Issues for Churches & Ministries

Katie McCoy - The Myth of the Evangelical Feminist: Responding to Claims that We Can Be Both

Darrell Bock - Moving from Life to the Bible: Another Way to Work with the Text That Seminary Did Not Teach Me Ministering in a Sexualized Culture

Gary Hallquist, Nathan Burggraff & Ryan Wingo - Can We Make Our Music a Unifying, Not Dividing, Factor in Our Worship Services? How?

David Hegg - Moving to or from Multiple Worship Services – Do’s and Don’ts

David Gibbs III - Protecting Free Speech for Pastors in the 21st Century from Lawsuits and IRS Problems–What Rights Does the Constitution Afford You?

Erwin Lutzer - Faithfulness in Babylon: Transgenderism and Same-Sex Marriage & Where Do We Go from Here?

Les Lofquist - Handling Criticism in a Godly Way

Rebecca Lutzer - The Personal Power of the Word 



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